Helping your business succeed through Timely Transportation.

At Saguaro Air, our business is helping your business succeed. Whether you need help with Final Mile Cargo Delivery and Warehousing or Passenger Transport, we’ve got what you need to fulfill your Logistic needs.

Founded by our CEO in Phoenix, AZ on August 18th 2020, we have Months of experience in helping small and large businesses alike fulfill orders on time, or ahead of schedule.


Our Hubs, and their workshops strive to support and maintain our aircraft in a quick and efficient manner to reduce downtime, and increase the speed in which we get you or your cargo to the destination. We have six Hubs serving Western North America, Eastern Asia, and Oceania.

All of our workshops are open for business to any Company that needs their services, and we supply both 100LL, and Jet Fuel to anyone at our local Airports.


Phoenix, AZ

Phoenix is our Home, and largest Base of Operations currently servicing many of our Aircraft, Including Passenger and Cargo Variants of our ATR 72-600, as well as a Citation CJ4, King-Air’s, and a Gulfstream G650 that runs Between Honolulu, and Las Angeles. From our home base in Phoenix we service the Western Half of the United States, as well as the Mexican states of Chihuahua, Sonora, Baja California, and Baja California Sur.


Seoul, South Korea

Seoul is our Second largest Base of Operations, specializing in King-Air’s, Citation CJ4, and ATR 72-600F’s. From our base in Seoul, we service South Korea, China, Taiwan, the Philippines, and surrounding areas.


Honolulu, HI

Honolulu currently is home to an ATR 72-600, and several TBM 930’s to service all small and regional airports, as well as offering touring flights along the Hawaii Island Chain.


Anchorage, AK

Anchorage currently is home to several ATR 72-600F’s Flying Cargo to support otherwise unreachable areas of the Alaskan Wilderness, including NOAA’s Barrow Atmospheric Baseline Observatory.


Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo is home to several ATR 72-600’s in both Passenger, and Cargo Variants, to service Japan, and the Areas surrounding the Bering Sea


Melbourne, Aus

Melbourne is our newest hub, and home to 5 of our Aircraft, ATR 72-600’s in both Passenger, and Cargo Variants, and a Citation CJ4 to service the ever expanding Oceanic market.